Monday, 18 March 2013


How blessed I am to enjoy treasured magic moments in my life. These moments are not be confused with "one of" happenings that take my breath away. Rather, they occur with some degree of regularity. Crunching fresh snow beneath my feet on a sunny, frigid winter's day. Leaves, like a myriad of colourful feathers, gracefully zigzagging on autumn breezes in their journey from tree to ground. Twinkling Christmas lights and the delicious smell of evergreen invading our family room. The first whiff of pungent fresh loam, the harbinger of a long awaited spring.
No matter how familiar, my magic moments stop me in my tracks. They invite me to breathe deeply, be acutely aware of my surroundings and to say a quiet thank you for the richness and beauty of life.
For thirty years, Jim and I have journeyed to Barbados. Christopher and Matthew grew up "spring breaking" on this island paradise. So frequent have been our returns that Jim and I joke that we probably missed our calling as a family. We should have been tour guides of " de sun, de sea and de island, man!"
And so you ask - your magic moment is your first glimpse of the Caribbean Sea. Right? Feeling warm sand between your toes. Right? Hearing the musical lilt of the welcoming Bajan accent. Right? And my answer - actually no!
Air Canada arrived Saturday at its assigned gate. Grantley Adams crew wheeled up and positioned the ramp stairs for eager disembarking passengers. Thunk! The plane's door was opened and locked into place. And then it happened. My senses were immediately assaulted with the heady smell of jet fuel carried on warm, salty Caribbean breezes. "You are home", my magic moment says. Thank you God for allowing me to return.

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