Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Early morning coffee cup in hand, I glance out our rear window to spot my buddy, Azzie, standing again at the edge of our Cave Creek yard. "Early", I think, but proceed outside in the refreshing desert morning to greet him.
How do I begin to describe my Azzie? So regal and stately in his majestic height, I wonder that he doesn't topple over. 'Tall' is an understatement. How would he would fare on a basketball court? His smooth waxy complexion and strong, pudgy arms belie his advancing years. Honestly, I am in awe of his ongoing youthful appearance. Oh, to have those genes!
Some refer to Azzie as being rather prickly, but I know his heart to be extremely compassionate and  generous. On numerous occasions of which I am aware ( and likely on some of which I have no knowledge) he has provided food and shelter to families. No thought of gain for these kindnesses ever crosses his mind. His thoughtfulness knows no bounds. Discovering that I love white flowers, he delivers them every year on our April visits.
I admit that when he is unaware, I sneak glances at him, stretching his arms to the sun, perhaps thanking god for the warmth of the day.
Our friend, David, holds a different opinion. Azzie, he claims, is far wilder than I imagine. According to David, Azzie can be found at night carousing and drinking with his buddies and roaming the countryside. I can't quite picture that, but perhaps it is because Azzie, for me, is a constant, always there.
Truthfully, as old as Azzie is, I am hopelessly in love with him. I cannot see him and be around him enough. Sadly, I must admit to you that my love and affection is not returned. You see, Azzie is a giant saguaro cactus!

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