Friday, 11 April 2014


Clean!  Unbelievably, I have been clean since Christmas.  Showing immense personal control I have successfully avoided any situations that would set me off or compromise my promise to myself.  No stash has been secretly stored in our home.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been permitted within my immediate vicinity that would lead this compulsive craving of mine to require immediate gratification. Remarkably, my resolve has remained steadfast.

As the months passed, cravings decreased.  Moments when I was unable to think of anything else all but disappeared.  Hallelujah!  Talk about a success story!  Without the need for rehab, I had personally wrestled my insidious monster to the ground.  My recovery was complete.  Or so I thought.  Of late, my monster has been calling to me.  You can never escape me, he gleefully boasts.  Suddenly he is everywhere; his lure, relentless.  I struggle to avoid a devastating relapse.  

My name is Daphne Lockett and ......... I am a chocoholic.  Now where did I hide those damn Easter eggs?!?!?!

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