Saturday, 17 January 2015


Ugh! I groused, staring out the window on this blustery, cold winter's day. Snow persisted in accumulating on our Uxbridge roads. Temperatures continued to plunge into the double digit negative range. Imagine! Double ugh! And to think I have to go out in it. Moan! Groan! All my winter whining could not take away from the fact that having food in one's home is a good thing.  And so, bundled up like Nanook of the North, I ventured forth. Did I mention that I am Canadian?

One minute into my drive, all negative muttering ceased. Haunting in its beautiful muted light, January's sun spilled through the snowy cloud cover ahead. Like a golden glowing spotlight, it spoke to me of the surrounding beauty in my life if only I would take the time to look. Immediately my thoughts turned to our dear friend whose current journey is not-car driven, but cancer-driven. For whom no choice of destination exists. For whom the experience of hundreds of such cold, chilly Canadian days would be joyously welcomed.

Snowflakes, fluffy and seemingly weightless, danced like dandelion seeds on the wind, ultimately clothing the barren limbs of trees. Lit by the diminished brightness of the sun, white fields and yards glistened.  Elgin Pond echoed with the excited sounds of snow being shovelled to make room for an outdoor shinny, hockey game. With each foot driven, my smile increased. What a truly glorious morning.

Why, I chastise myself, does it take the final journey of a dear friend to make me appreciate the beauty in each and every day? 

What day is it?
It's today, squeaked Piglet.
My favourite day, said Pooh.

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