Monday, 16 February 2015


I feel like a slug, I moaned to Jim in early January.

Even with my concerted effort to get to the pool five mornings a week, cold winter days frequently find me, post-swim, hunkered down with a good book or performing the most simple of household tasks. Is an hour at the pool enough? I ask myself. Of genuine concern is that this sedentary winter existence, like the bubonic plague, will infect the remainder of my year.

Don't lecture me! I am fully aware of the health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle - high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, dementia......and on and on the list goes.  With the big 7- 0 looming, one mental image strikes fear into my very heart:

Inevitable? I sure as hell hope not.

An inspiration for me is friend, Graham, who walks every day. Rain, shine, frigid cold, or sweltering heat present no excuses for Graham. The universally recommended 10,000 steps per day are also not an issue; daily and lengthy walks are part of the fabric of his life.  Small wonder he is physically fit and looks twenty years younger than his actual age.  During dinner at Jane and Graham's home in January, he showed me his Fitbit device, describing its use. Bingo! Just what I need - a way to confirm my level of activity!

Ever vigilant, Jim spotted my excited interest and, bless his heart, gifted me with a Fitbit Flex. OMG, I am hooked. More than just an advanced pedometer, this little weightless wrist device tracks activities, kilometres walked, calories burned, sleep patterns and, should you elect to input what you eat, calorie intake. Perhaps I should have titled this blog, " Big Brother Is Watching".

Worries that I would simply feel guilty have been put to rest.  I am motivated to stay active, to hit my minimum of 10,000 steps per day. Be it at home or away, I now create excuses to use our household stairs or reasons to walk further. Like a child in kindergarten attempting to earn stars, I now push to have the five tiny lights flash their signal that I have reached my activity goals. In truth, what I am monitoring is peace of mind that I won't morph into a slug.

Oh, and now Jim also wears a Fitbit Flex. The daily challenge is on - who can take the most steps!
Well, enough of this blog, I have to get off my a** and move. Can't let that husband of mine log more steps!

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