Friday, 20 March 2015


Name: Mr. R.O. Bin (A.K.A. Red, Red Breast, Early Bird)

Wanted for Acts of: Cheeriness and chirping at dawn, crossing Canadian/U.S. Border without a passport, lawn trespassing, juicy worm theft.

Detailed Physical Description (Mr. R.O. Bin):  Toothless, red/brown jacket, reddish shirt with no tie, white chin, pointed yellow lips and throat. Is bipedal. 

Detailed Physical Description (Spousal Accomplice): To divert attention, attempts to dress in camouflage. I.e. dresses like a faded photograph of Mr. R.O. Bin.

Detailed Physical Description (Juvenile Accomplice): prefers speckled buff-brown shirts and pants. May exhibit bulging eyes at early age. In constant state of hunger.

What to do if found: Do not approach - flight risk. Report presence to James Audubon.

Reward: No financial reward is offered as I am cheep, cheep!  Enjoy if found - Mr. R.O. Bin is a highly reliable harbinger of spring. 

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