Saturday, 20 February 2016


This was the year in Arizona that wasn't to be. Given the insane exchange rate and plans for an extensive European trip this coming September, Jim and I made a painful decision to forgo our Cave Creek home rental this spring. But wait, though! Thanks to dear friends, Cathy and David, who wouldn't hear of us missing time in our favourite state, a gracious invitation was extended and we have just enjoyed ten glorious days in the sunshine, not to forget also the laughter-filled company of good friends.  My love affair with magical Arizona has once again been renewed.

So why Arizona? Quite simply, I love the outdoors and The Grand Canyon State is all about the outdoors. Humidity free and bug free, it is the land of walking, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, 

swimming, eating outdoors and sleeping with windows open to the cooling night breezes of the Sonoran Desert. Did I mention sitting outside under firy, blazing sunsets followed by diamond-studded midnight black skies? Pure bliss!

One could travel to Arizona for years and not scratch the surface of sites at which to marvel and adventures to be had. From desert landscapes to pine forests to 12,000-foot snow-capped peaks, much of the world's most spectacular scenery is to be found within these 114,000 square miles. Breathtaking sites such as The Grand Canyon and Sedona; 

quirky little towns like Jerome and Tortilla Flats; the sophisticated metropolitan areas of Scottsdale and Tucson; and the spiritual, cultural and historic presence of Arizona's Indian cultures. It is all here for the taking.

For me, it is the Sonoran Desert that will forever make my heart soar. The peace and inspiration of this desert landscape never fail to nourish my soul. As daytime progresses, brilliant Arizona sunlight constantly alters the soft palette of desert colours. Look once, turn around, look again, and it is a different scene that greets your eyes. My favourites, the majestic saguaros, silently encourage me to stand taller. Animal and plant life surviving in this desert climate inspire me. In spite of the harsh conditions, life is to be lived. And when the desert floor comes alive in late March/early April with spectacular cactus blooms, I am reminded that there is beauty in every circumstance and every person.

Tomorrow, we fly home. Thank you Dave and Cathy. Thank you Sonoran Desert. Thank you Arizona. I am inspired; I am at peace and my soul is nourished.

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