Monday, 21 March 2016


Early morning sunshine streams across our lawn hinting at springtime. The view is beyond welcome, but I am oblivious. That the end of winter's cold should immediately lift my mood, matters not. At the moment, I am immune to nature's transitional beauty. Figity, my jumbled thought patterns focus only on the words, Oh come on. Speed up.

Are my hands shaky? I hope not. When, I wonder, did this physical dependence increase. Now I pace. Did I know 'back then' the psychological  power my elixir would eventually wield? Did I foresee how addicted I would become? Intensely awaiting its 'hit', I swear thay my circulatory system is actually buzzing. Hurry!

With a start, I react to the raucous buzzer. Finally, I sigh and a narcotic-like rapture surges through my body. Hand firmly holding the handle, I lift the mug to my eager mouth. Is there anything more sublime than that first sip of coffee in the morning?

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