Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Striking Balkan features are accentuated by a purple and gold star-printed bandana secured tightly about her forehead and scalp. Grey streaked dark hair frizzes wildly below the scarf framing giant beaded hoops that drag on her aging flaccid ear lobes. Richly detailed ribbons and robes cloak her body in mystery. Creating an eerie atmosphere of other worldly powers, gnarled crone-like, garishly painted talons caress her crystal ball in hypnotic circular motions as she peers intently into her magical orb.
"Why am I here?" I chastise myself. Uncomfortable with fortune tellers, I worry, "How frequently do their words morph into self-fulfilling prophecies? Chances are you will regret this," I warn myself.
"I see retirement. Not in a city. In a small town."
In full drama queen mode with eyes rolling back, I silently scoff at the absurdity of her prophecy. Happily active in my real estate brokerage and firmly entrenched in Thornhill, I smugly write off her initial pronouncement. "Rubbish."
"I see water. Ah, pool water and much swimming. A new friend. E? No, an A. Alexis? Avery? Anne? Anna!"
"Whoa," I uncomfortably chuckle to myself. "Slow down here. I'm just adjusting to the idea of retirement in a small town and now she has me swimming with new friends. At least it is not with sharks! Talk about off base, but how did she know I swim?" My fingers, suddenly restless, begin to fidget.
"I see money being counted."
"Hmmm! I'm liking this part."
"No! It's a cash register I see. There are racks of clothes. Men's? Women's? It is unclear, but chances are you will be working in a store."
"Oh goody," I indignantly mutter. "Just what my parents envisioned for their university-educated daughter." I dismissively stand. "Enough!" I raise my hand in a halting motion. "This session......"
"Ma'am! Ma'am!" Insistent, impatient words sharply wake me from my reverie. "I would like to purchase these items, please." Anna, also on duty this afternoon, glances quizzically sideways at me, concern radiating on her face. But now fully alert, I promptly process the transaction, smile, and from my cash register viewpoint, scan the store I have so grown to love. be continued.

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