Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Rich in its display, a vivid multicoloured blanket spreads out before me. The tapestry, a confused maze of vibrant colours, appears to have been woven into its rough texture by a frenzied, half mad craftsman. A confusion of rich gold and bronze tones is punctuated by vibrant reds and more subtle shades of maize and pumpkin. Obviously created with complete abandon, no discernible pattern is evident.  Revealing its advancing age, the blanket's edges and corners have begun to curl like fingers on an crippled arthritic hand. Tendrils, exert their independence, escape and move independent of any design. An earthy pungent odour of decay assaults my senses. "Too long in one place?", I sadly muse.
Rake in hand, I linger, savouring the cool crisp air, welcome sunshine and colourful work of art. I am reluctant to begin removing Mother Nature's glorious autumn blanket.

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