Sunday, 19 January 2014


There is nothing I love more than the basic honesty of my grandchildren.  "Out of the mouths of babes!" so they say.  This moment happened two years ago, but is one of my favourite Zachary tales.

Does this piece fit here?
 asks Grampa as they work on the puzzle.

Grampa, our then five-year old Zachary replies, you know that piece doesn't fit there. It's the wrong shape and colour.

It's a P.A. day; Grampa and Zachary are puzzle solving.  Zachary, our slight blonde imp of a grandson, is all serious concentration.  Studying the puzzle box-top, his "plan", he begins construction of the picture from the centre pieces out. Astoundingly, no outside frame is created to set his puzzle parameters.  Focus begins entirely on the central pieces.

So, adds Grampa, holding up another obviously inappropriate piece, then how about this one?

His concentration broken and most definitely not amused, Zachary indignantly huffs, Grampa!

Work continues with Grampa joking and offering blatantly misfit pieces up for consideration.  Problem is, puzzles are serious business for Zachary.

Grampa, Zachary ultimately asks, Do you ever use the S-word?

Grampa, now alert and in panic mode attempts to calmly respond. Zachary, there are many S-words. What S-word are you talking about?

Oh, Grampa, he whispers as if not to be heard, I mean stupid. The S-word stupid is bad.

Overwhelmed by relief, Grampa answers, No honey, I don't say that S-word.  Then glancing sideways and peering over his glasses, Grampa asks, So Zachary, do you ever use the S-word!

Thoughtfully formulating his answer and purposefully staring at his Grampa, our astute little Zachary admits, Sometimes.......but only in my brain.

Ah, nods Grampa, properly chagrined.

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