Monday, 14 July 2014


For years, I would have been hard-put if asked about my favourite drive.  How could I possibly choose? The stunning Amalfi Coast of Italy with sun-bleached towns clinging to cliffsides, all dropping dramatically to the turquoise Mediterranean Sea is beyond compare.

But then the mystically beautiful Scottish Highlands draped in haunting mists would come to mind ...

...only to be replaced by memories of the relentless Altantic battering the Bathsheba Coast of Barbados.

How could I ever choose?  Well, I don't have to.  Of late, a twelve kilometre stretch of country road in good old Ontario has surpassed all other drives in my imaginery mental contest.

Uxbridge's giant TSC country hardware store, specializing in products for farm and country home living, is an imposing reminder that our charming little town sits smack dab in the middle of farm country. Driving merely one kilometre west of home puts Jim and I on a stunning stretch of Durham Road 8 between the Town of Uxbridge and the York Durham Townline.  Journeying into the city or York Region, Jim will take Brock Road south to the 407.  Not me.  I head west on Durham Road 8 towards the 404.  Any excuse to cover this route! Quite simply, I love this drive.

Like giant swells at sea, Durham Road 8 undulates, dropping drivers into valleys past fields of corn, hay bales and wheat.  Then rising as if cresting the next wave, the road, passing stands of giant fir trees, affords vistas across the gently rolling Uxbridge hills.

Quaint little hamlets, Roseville and Siloam, dot the side of the route.  Signs indicating Hop Hill and Rise 'n Shine Stables remind one that this is also horse country.

Rain, sunshine or snow, my route never ceases to generate a smile.  I most love leaving behind the York Durham Town Line and turning east on "8".  The giant green Welcome to Uxbridge sign cheers, You are on the final leg! Instantly reduced to distant memory are teeth gnashing traffic snarls, endless gridlocking stop lights and noise, noise, noise.  Ahead lie rolling green fields, sweet air, and a calming peace.  The stiffness between my shoulder blades disappears, my blood pressure, I am sure,  drops and my smile returns.  Yup! THIS is my favourite drive.

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