Wednesday, 20 May 2015


The BEST Beaches in the World has just popped up on my Facebook Trending items. Grrrr! A mournful groan escapes as I peruse another such BEST list. Why do I bother? All beaches pictured are stunning, tranquil, turquoise vistas, but not a single beach with crashing surf and palm trees bowing to the force of onshore trade winds is shown. Where are those beaches, the ones I so love? Why aren't they mentioned?

Who says? I grumble as I complete the list.
The proverbial answer, I can only assume, is, They! 
Who is 'they'? I want to demand.
BEST Sunsets, BEST of Paris, BEST European Sites, BEST, BEST BEST.......enough!

Am I growing increasingly crotchety with age? Please don't answer that. I do know that as I move through life, I have learned to intensely dislike the word BEST. It brings to mind the, Well, mine is best, words of a simpering little child. Actually, get rid of all est superlatives and I would be relieved.

Spanish olive oil is the BEST, claims a friend who has recently returned from guess where.......Spain! How did you guess? I giggle and finally respond with, Well the Greeks and Italians may take issue with that claim. I personally prefer the delicious peppery flavour of a freshly made Italian olive oil. Does that make it the BEST? No! Just my favourite.

How many times have we heard that French wine is the BEST? Ad nauseum - right? Tell that to an Italian vintner and he will most likely be contacting Guido to fit you with cement boots. Last year while tasting wines at the renowned Chateauneuf-du-Pape, I wanted to jump up and hug the vintner when he stated that there is no BEST wine, only the wine, no matter what it may be or where it may be from, that your individual palette prefers. Hallelujah! And that from a French winemaker. Take that before you pen another BEST List, Mr. So-Called, Self-Professed Wine Expert.

BEST Golf Course. Would that be extremely difficult or stunningly beautiful? Each of us has their own personal preferences. BEST Hotel. Would that be a luxury Ralais or atmospheric little country inn? Who is the arbiter of BEST? And pul-ease don't answer, They or the experts!

I have a dear friend, Lynn, who is truly well travelled. Is there a continent she has not explored? I doubt it. Never, from Lynn, have I even once heard the word, BEST. She instead describes most eloquently sights, smells, and emotions. Where to next? Lynn would never assume to instruct us as to what is BEST.

So dear They, by all means describe what you loved and preferred and explain to us why, but please don't tell me what is the BEST. That, Mr. Expert, is up to me.

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