Sunday, 26 July 2015


Step right up! Come one, come all. See the world's greatest backyard carnival. In the big top there......

Whoa, Nelly! No need for that big top tent. No need for the sleazy barker. No need to hire costly acts. No need for 'out-of-sight' liability insurance or workman's comp fees. Quite simply, your only requirements are a small garden, a bird feeder and a generous bag of seed. Grab some microwave popcorn, sit back and be delightfully entertained.

Be amazed by the precarious contortions and astounding dexterity of your highwire trapeze artists as they defy gravity in death defying stunts.

Just wait until you experience the clowns. Resultant laughter and infectious hilarity will have you holding your sides and begging for more.

Prepare to be magnetized by the demonic speed with which your magician can make a bouquet of flowers evaporate into thin air. How did he do that?

Whatever you do, don't fail to attend the sideshow in which Cheeky the Chip makes his head mysteriously grow to double its size. Such incredible talent!

Before departing, enjoy the sight of young offspring training for upcoming carnival performances. Take comfort in the knowledge that your carnival will continue as long as there are future generation performers and FOOD!

Yup! Take my word for it. If I can do this, so can you. Go ahead! Enjoy the colour, 

awe and amusement of your own backyard carnival. Have fun and, oh, don't forget the popcorn!!

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