Friday, 1 July 2016


As Jim and I finalize our September travel plans, that question has been asked of us at least a dozen times. 

In light of the heartbreaking tragedies in Paris, Brussels and now, Turkey, I understand the origin of the concerns, but have to smile and wonder. Did anyone ask this of my friends, Melissa who travelled with her family to Israel last summer, Lynne or Steve and Pam before their African adventures, or Ruth who has just returned from the Maldives and Sri Lanka? This is just Italy we talking about, folks!

Yes, I understand that The U.S. Government has placed a travel alert on Europe with danger levels as indicated in the following map,

but isn't there danger around every corner?  Last week, while sitting in a Toronto park enjoying a sunny summer day, a man was killed by a falling tree branch. A family driving home from a fun day at Canada's Wonderland died in a horrific car accident on Highway 400. Are there any guarantees in our life?

No, I am not worried and yes, Jim and I will continue to travel. Every travel experience has enriched our lives immeasurably and increased our understanding of the world around us. We always return to Canada with endless gratitude for our home country, but also with the realization that we Canadians have much to learn from the lifestyle enjoyed in other nations.

The travel industry is crucial to the economies of so many countries. If the potential of terrorism by ISIL or other crazies results in a significant reduction in travel, economic hardship could ensue and ISIL has won. We refuse to hand them that victory.

And so, bella Italia, here we come.

Funny thing, ironic actually, no one has ever asked us whether we are worried when we travel to the U.S. where 30 people die daily, victims of gun violence!

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