Saturday, 4 March 2017


"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex." Oscar Wilde

If I were a rich many times have you heard friends muse about winning a big lottery? Luxury homes, fancy cars, exclusive travel to exotic locales, and, and, and are all part of the accompanying dreams. Not me. My dream would be to have a housekeeper put fresh linen on our bed daily. Quite simply, I love crawling between fresh, crisp, clean sheets. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I actually sleep better. Clean sheets....a simple pleasure, but such blissful comfort!

It is said that grandchildren make the world a little softer, a little kinder and a little warmer. Oh, how true. Jim and I treasure our sleepovers with Morgan and Zachary. I love to awake to the early morning chatter of our grandchildren in the next room. I smile at the muffled talk, stifled giggles and quiet opening of our bedroom door. "Are they awake?" Their whispers hang in the air. A simple pleasure, but one that fills me with overwhelming love.

What about that first sip of coffee in the morning? Ahhhhhh! Someone once referred to it as a 'coffeegasm', such is the rush and sense of well being that accompanies that first cuppa'. Speaking of coffee, I love the cafe music of our little Tin Cup coffee shop. The happy chatter of patrons, the tinkle of clinking china and the whoosh of frothing milk and steam. Such a simple pleasure, but oh so soothing.

A rainy day, a blanket and loosing oneself in a good book. Fluffy dandelion seeds, backlit by the sun, floating on gentle air currents. The magic of flickering Christmas candles and colourful twinkling tree lights.  The heady aroma of rich soil in the early spring. Dancing autumn leaves, their rich oranges and reds flitting to the ground. My simple pleasures list is endless.

In the complexity of our world, it is easy to lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Violence, terrorism, racism and hate darken our lives and occupy our thoughts. When I am ready to depart this life, it is not the insanity of mankind I wish to remember, but rather the meaningful simple pleasures that were the nourishment for my soul.

Simple pleasures are life's treasures.

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