Sunday, 29 September 2019


Three weeks of driving in Scotland + three weeks listening to the BBC while in the car + three weeks of a constant Brexit barrage = two spinning heads. The dangerous impact of the Irish hard border issue, strong Scottish resistance to leaving the EU, the effects of a No Deal Brexit, the legality of a perogued Parliament, the possibility of a second referendum, reports of potential food and drug shortages, all with the EU clock ticking. My head is aching.

The impeachment of President Trump......finally!  This should be a foregone conclusion, I naively first thought. Hah! Republican information spins despite the stark evidence at hand, the constant flood of Trump’s vitriolic distractions and his barrage of nonsensical tweets have my head spinning. Will the American public hear the facts over White House and Republican noise? I worry. This isn’t just the U.S. we are talking about; this is our future world stability at stake. My head is aching.

And our own Canadian election. Personal attacks, in both speech and advertisements, instead of policy discussion plus massive misinformation on line. When there is platform discussion, who are we believe? Perhaps I wouldn’t be as sensitive to this had our Premier, Mr. Ford not promised one thing during the campaign and then enacted the exact opposite after he won majority power. Who is telling the truth? My head aches from spinning.

Emotions everywhere are running high. I am exhausted from railing at personal attacks and actually yelling at the radio and TV. After some calming self talk this morning, I think I have found the cure for my spinning head. Ignore the confusing chaos. Seek out and trust the facts. 

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