Monday, 5 August 2013


This blog is honestly just a test for me to ensure that I actually possess the ability to get the "add photos" part of this new blog program to work. No small feat if you are familiar with my superior (you don't have to laugh so hard) computer skills or remember my picture-less (yawn!) blog from Italy. We head out to Switzerland and environs in a few weeks. For the sake of family and friends I hope to have something for them to view rather than just reading my writing. Z-z-z-z!
A beautiful sunny day and a walk into town with Jim for lunch. What better time to take a few photos and test my abilities.
Just under a year ago, the moving van departed. Friends and family returned to their homes. There Jim and I stood, after thirty-five years in Thornhill, now in a new town, now in a new home and now even in a new regional municipality. Ahead of us lay retirement and life in small town Ontario (Uxbridge - population 19,900). I have to smile when I write that as, at no time, are we more than twenty minutes from the GTA's shopping, noise, traffic congestion or adrenalin pumping "sense of hurry". I totally appreciate that this life is not for everyone, that Toronto and the GTA hold a tremendous draw. I get it, folks! However, for Jim and I this lifestyle change has proven to be a leap of faith that landed on its mark successfully.
Uxbridge embraced us in its warm welcoming hug and Jim and I, in return, have fallen in love with this charming town and its engaging people. I can walk down the street and have shopkeepers wave and call my name. (Guess I shouldn't have stolen that......only kidding!) Restaurants, cafes and pubs abound. My personal favourites are the Tin Mill Restaurant and Tin Cup Cafe (pictures included). The Sunday Farmers' Market, within a short walk, displays a plethora of inviting fresh local produce. I swim five days a week at Uxpool (Yup, that's it's name.) If I miss a session, my fellow swimmers become concerned. Who needs the willpower to exercise when my fellow swimmers keep tabs. Miles of hiking trails beckon; we are the trail capital of Canada. Go figure! Our golf course is a five minute drive from home. Events, usually held in the heart of our town, beautiful Elgin Park, are never ending - Ribfest, Highland Games, Art in the Park, The Fall Fair, and on and on the lengthy list goes. I am convinced that Uxbridge does not fully understand that it is only a small town. When did I ever have time to work?
Do we reside in Camelot? No, but it is pretty damned close! Life is good!

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  1. I think the Berall family may well pay a visit soon to this beautiful town! We used to visit Uxbridge from time to time growing up, as our family has commercial property in Stouffville...but it has been a looooong time and your pictures have made me giddy with excitement to visit again! Thanks Daf - you should head the Tourism Bureau for Uxbridge!