Monday, 30 November 2015


For Morgan and Zachary (as promised):

He could hear the sniffling from somewhere below him, sniffling interspersed with heart breaking whimpers. He knew it was Caramel, but couldn't see her.

Caramel? Is that you?

Oh, Butterscotch, are you still there? I'm buried down here. No one will find me, Butterscotch. I'll never know love, will I?

Be strong, my friend. It's Christmastime. Miracles happen.

Caramel's tearful sobs broke Butterscotch's heart. How could he encourage her? Their journey had been a long one, from the cold, impersonal factory, to the sardine-like existence in their shipping box, to being unceremoniously dumped into this store display bin. Cramped together in their shipping box for the endless journey by sea, rail, and truck, Caramel and Butterscotch had struck up a friendship, giddy in their mutual excitement about what life would be like when they were adopted. Everyone knows that a stuffed animal only truly comes alive when hugged and loved. But now here they were, once again uncomfortable, now in a tangled mass at Canadian Tire. Who buys bears at Canadian Tire, anyways? Butterscotch wondered.

Butterscotch had landed atop the mass of intertwined legs and arms, but poor Caramel had become separated from him, lying deep down at the bottom of the pile. She was right to worry; who would ever find her there? She needed a Christmas miracle.

As the store opened for another day, Butterscotch began to despair when suddenly a large set of arms reached into the bin and gently picked him up. The man's warm smile gave Butterscotch hope for the first time.

Oh Grampa, can I have him? Please! Warm young arms immediately circled him and hugged tightly. 

Caramel, I'm leaving, Butterscotch quickly whispered. He was ecstatic and sad at the same time. Ecstatic that this young man, Zachary, was now hugging him, sad that his friend Caramel, still at the bottom of the pile, might never know love.

Bye Butterscotch, Caramel choked back her sobs. She was now truly alone. Sadness enveloped her.

But what was this? She could hear voices and feel tangled arms and legs being moved from a over her.

Morgan, what are you after? Caramel heard.

Grampa, I see some brown ears down here. I just need to reach them.

No sooner were these words uttered when Caramel could feel herself being dragged from the bottom of the pile by her ears and then found herself being snuggled by a beautiful young girl.

It's a stuffed puppy dog, Grampa. Can I take her home?

Caramel could barely believe her good fortune. Oh, how wonderful it felt to be wanted. She caught a glimpse of her friend, Butterscotch, being hugged by a handsome young man. Oh, how relieved she was that her friend, too, would find hugs and love. Imagine her delight when she discovered herself in the same car with Butterscotch as they headed home.......together.

Christmas is a time of miracles, whispered Butterscotch.

And love is the greatest miracle of all, sighed Caramel.

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