Friday, 13 January 2017



Over four years ago, to escape the traffic congestion and noise of a population-burgeoning GTA, and much to the initial bewilderment of many friends, Jim and I dug up our York Region Thornhill roots and transplanted them northeast in Durham Region's Uxbridge. I have said it before and earnestly state it again, "What began as a leap of faith morphed into a brilliant idea. We have never looked back. Surprisingly, the disconnect was immediate". During these four plus years, Jim and I have developed a love affair with our little town, population 20,623.

The 2016 average selling price growth in the GTA was led by Durham Region. Atop the many towns in Durham Region sits mighty little Uxbridge with an astounding increase in prices over 2015 of 31%. You don't experience such price increases without latent demand.  A two-edged sword? Whenever Jim and I have headed west to Vancouver, we have been greeted by sunny skies. In response to our query, "Where's the rain?", our friend Malcom never fails to answer with, "We don't really have that much rain. We just don't want you easterners to find out and move here". Thus my "shhhhh". Please don't grow too quickly Uxbridge. We'd prefer you to remain a little town, to retain your charm, friendliness and big heart.

That said, driving through town today, with the memory of meeting yesterday another Syrian refugee family welcomed to town still fresh in my mind, with giant snowflakes falling on attractive shop exteriors and with the view of people standing on the sidewalks chatting with friends, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of being blessed to live here. It's time to put my love of Uxbridge into words. To paint my picture of life here will require more than one blog. What's life like in my small town Ontario? Stay tuned.