Saturday, 28 September 2013


Pet peeves? I am generally a happy, positive person, but I fully admit to having pet peeves. Do you have any? Irksome occurrences that raise the level of your blood pressure? Sadly I admit that I do. The lady in the grocery store express check out line with thirty items in her cart. "Ah, come on! Can't you read the sign?", I mutter under my breath.  The gentleman in the car in front of me who misses the advance green because he is deeply engaged in a conversation on his cell phone. "Hey fella, have you been living in a bunker?" I yell in the confines of my car. "That's illegal." The group of teens sauntering en masse across the width of the sidewalk, preventing any possible passage. As my frustration increases, I envision myself in a football uniform ploughing through the inconsiderate oblivious group. Insane? Probably! What can send my ire right off the Richter scale is spotting a car, without proper designation, parked in disabled parking. "Why haven't they been ticketed?", I fume. "Where are the police when you need them?" Such is my frustration, I find it necessary to then relate the incident to whomever will listen to me blather on. Let's just spread the negativity, Daf!
This week has proven to be a difficult one. Saying goodbye to our beloved, Tony, who fought so hard for every minute of his life and watching Sue, his wife, and Michelle, his daughter, begin to cope with their loss has proven heartbreaking. I feel helpless. Yesterday, we received news that literally brought me to my knees. A dear, life-long, much loved friend, part of our lives since our teen years and a favourite of my parents, is in a battle for his life, fighting stage 4 cancer. The flood gates opened. Pent up emotion from this past week and the news from our friend totally overtook me and I sobbed.
A gut wrenching cry for Tony and John and fury with myself for negative moments of frustration in meaningless situations. So precious is our life, it should not be wasted. In my self indulgent moment of anguish, I promised to spend each day in laughter and positive thought, to get over myself in those my moments of frustration. To savour each precious moment of my journey. To not take for granted or waste this precious gift of life.

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